Solve all your Funeral expense worries today

Funeral Insurance is easy to purchase with simple 1-2 page application forms. Cover is available for any person aged up to 79.

We bring you a large selection of New Zealand's leading Funeral Insurance. Let us provide information from Pinnacle Life, Dorchester Life, Fidelity Life and others.

If you are aged 30 to 69 click here for a quote, then if you like you can buy online immediately.

Funeral Insurance is guaranteed acceptance (to maximum age limits only), there are no medical questions asked and once your policy is in force the premiums are guaranteed to never alter.

For specific details of the policy for each insurer please click on the tabs to the left.

Please ring free on 0508 746 488 for a friendly, no obligation chat any time

or for quotes from all eligible insurers please complete our enquiry form

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