Guaranteed Acceptance

If you are aged 30 to 85 you can obtain funeral insurance regardless of your current or previous health issues. No medical questions asked or check-up required.
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Premiums never increase

With most funeral covers the standard premiums never increase as you age. Some insurers are currently offering promotional discounts for the first 12 or 24 months after which premiums revert to standard.
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Free Service

Our service is totally free to you. The premiums quoted are never more than you would pay if you contacted the insurer directly.
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Speed of claim pay-out

All insurers aim to pay very quickly after receiving proven notification of death, usually anywhere from 1-3 days.
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Latest from our Blog

Do funeral insurance premiums get paid indefinitely until the time you pass away or do some have an age where cover continues but for free?

There are many funeral insurance providers out there and the majority of them do have their premiums continue until claim time. So, if you live a great long life the total premiums paid can add up. Pinnacle Life, however, are one of the few exceptions as they have a policy benefit where you only pay until age 85 and then cover continues for free after that. AA have the same but at age 90. Read More

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