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Compare best Funeral Cover

Compare the best funeral cover insurance available in NZ right here

We are experts in New Zealand funeral cover and we have access to a large number of excellent funeral insurance plans, we are sure one of which is bound to meet all your requirements.Our number one priority is to compare best funeral cover in New Zealand all in one place so you do not have to run around dozens of sites.  

Some of the top funeral insurance covers include Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Cover, Pinnacle Life Funeral, Fidelity Life Funeral Fund, Greenwich Life Funeral Cover and others provided by Partner Life, AMI Insurance, State Insurance, AMI Insurance amongst others.

Funeral Cover is an ideal option to ensure cash to meet your funeral expenses is readily available. This removes one extra stress on your loves ones by not having to meet the potentially large costs at any already difficult time.

Funeral plans are available to those aged 16-85. Cover amounts range from $5000 to $30000 generally. Funeral Insurance NZ acceptance is guaranteed and just as good the premiums are fixed for the entire of your policy. The claims are paid out as a cash amount tax free to your chosen beneficiary within 24-48 hours of all necessary evidence being provided to support the claim.

Here is an easy to follow guide to Funeral Cover NZ

  • No medical questions are asked of you, your policy is guaranteed to be accepted if you are a NZ citizen or resident        currently living in NZ
  • The funeral plan premiums do not increase yearly based on your age, they are fixed for life
  • Insure yourself for any figure ranging from $5000 to $30000
  • You can buy a funeral insurance plan if you are currently aged 16-85
  • Within 48 hours of acceptance your claim can usually be paid to your chosen beneficiary

Some of the most highly regarded funeral plans in NZ include;

  • Pinnacle Life, for ages 30-75, covers $7500 to $25000, pay until age 85 then free
  • Cigna Funeral Cover, for ages 45 -80, covers $5000 to $30000, pay until age 90 then free
  • AA Funeral Plan, for ages 50 - 79, covers $5000 to $30000, pay until age 90 then free
  • Fidelity Life Funeral Fund, for ages 16 - 64, cover $12000 only, pay for 10 years only   

To view more detailed comparative policy information from up to 10 top insurers, click here

Read some commonly asked funeral cover NZ questions & answers

Q. Do funeral cover premiums rise every year?

A. Premiums are usually fixed at the time of the policy issue; they do not rise yearly based on age. Some insurers, who we do not act for, say premiums ‘may’ increase their premiums if their claims history goes sour (please avoid these cover!) Don’t worry we will never recommend them.

Q. What can the funeral plan claim proceeds be used on?

A. It can be used for absolutely any purpose! Your claim is paid our as a cash amount tax free so your nominated person can use for any funeral expense

Q. What are the most regularly asked for funeral insurance cover amounts?

A. Based on applications received from our customers approximately 40% are for $7500 and nearly 35% are for $10000 cover

Q. Can I arrange for funeral cover on behalf of my mum and dad?

A. You can definitely assist them with nearly anything but your parents would need to be present to tick / sign the online application or to sign an application form. You can be the nominated person to receive the claim proceeds and you can the premium payments.

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What is the typical cost of a NZ funeral?

Some insurance websites get themselves in a difficult position with regulators by suggesting the likely costs of a NZ funeral. We do not go there and we leave it to you discuss your personal requirements with a local funeral director. 

They are the only experts who can give an accurate ideal of funeral costs. We can say, however, that our own clients typically chose either $7500 or $10000 for their cover.

How do they calculate funeral cover NZ premiums and what payment methods exist?

  1. How much you pay depends on your age, sex and smoker status
  2. For a joint application get up to 20% off the standard individual premiums
  3. The more cover you want the more the premiums to pay
  4. Premiums are paid monthly in most instance although some plans allow you to pay fortnightly
  5. Direct Debit, AP’s / internet banking and credits cards as usual payment methods

How much does it cost for funeral insurance?

Here are some monthly premium examples (for non-smokers and correct as at 9/5/2018)

  • Male aged 64, $7500 - $50.97 monthly or $10000 - $66.76 monthly
  • Female aged 64 $7500 - $41.48 or $10000 - $55.48
  • Male and Female both aged 54, $7500 - $44.34 in total (combined)
  • Male and Female both aged 64, $7500 - $73.96
  • Male aged 54, $10000 cover - $40.27
  • Female aged 54, $10000 - $31.39

Here is a real life example of how funeral insurance helped a customer

Our client, from a Samoan family from Auckland, arranged a funeral cover for the father. Sometime earlier his mother had passed away with no funeral cover. The costs for the funeral had placed a big financial pressure on the whole family.

Funeral Insurance for the father was obtained for $25000 as they knew that a number of family members from would travel from Samoa and they would need to assist with their airfares as well as paying for the funeral costs. A group of the extended family members all agreed to make payment towards the premiums to make it more affordable.

Some years on we heard the father had died. The funeral cover, had apparently covered all the costs and the family was very pleased to have had the funeral plan in place.

Some information about Funeral Cover NZ claim payments

The idea of funeral cover is that it is meant to be simple. From guaranteed acceptance, fixed for life premiums, one page application forms right through to the claim settlement it is straightforward. We can vouch for that. This is the simplest insurance type there is.

At the time you arrange the funeral insurance you will chose a beneficiary. When you pass away the sum insured will be paid to that person as a cash payment, tax free.

The claim money is typically paid out within 24-48 hours of required proof of your passing; often this by way of a death certificate or sometimes a document from your Specialist will be acceptable.

Here are some other things about funeral insurance that you might be interested in?

  • Some funeral insurance companies deal exclusively with customers, not through any through any third party such as an insurance advisor. For example the Cigna Funeral Insurance and AA Funeral Cover fall in to this category. So, we cannot arrange these specific covers. Some advisors, ourselves included, do provide comparison information including from these insurers so that clients can make more informed decisions.

  • Depending on your age when the policy starts and when you pass, it is possible you may pay more in premiums that your funeral plan cover provides. But also you should remember that if you pass away earlier than expected you may have paid only a small amount of the claim you will receive. .

  • Applications forms are often 1-2 pages only; they are very simple. Alternatively you can often apply, and have cover accepted, online immediately in just a few minutes.

  • For persons aged 55 or less it could be that life insurance is sometimes a better option than funeral insurance if your current and previous health is good. But the significant downside is that life insurance premiums will be very high in the long term. Certainly at age 80 or more they would be unaffordable for most and would result in people cancelling in the majority of cases. This at the very time you really want the cover the most.

  • In the first two years of any funeral insurance there is a stand-down period for claim arising from natural causes. But, you pass away during this period 100% from natural causes your paid will be refunded 100%. You do have cover for death by accident from the very start of the cover. The reason for the stand-down period is because of the guaranteed acceptance. So this, correctly, prevents those who are already very unwell from just insuring near death and having a claim paid shortly thereafter.

  • Most funeral covers include a 30 day free look period. So if you change your mind, you can easily cancel during this time. Any paid premiums during that period are also refunded.

If you would like our help to arrange funeral insurance we would be happy to help. Ours is a free and no obligation service. Also, any funeral cover premiums we quote are guaranteed the same as if you contact any of the funeral insurers direct.

For a comprehensive email that includes policy comparisons and premiums please complete our no obligation enquiry form below.

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Paul Woollams is our main funeral cover expert. Paul has worked in senior insurance roles for 25 plus years so his wealth of experience, especially in respect of funeral insurance, is invaluable.

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