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Funeral Insurance Comparison - Compare Funeral Insurance NZ - at least 10 Funeral Covers NZ  

Funeral Insurance Comparisons

Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Cover, Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan, Fidelity Life Funeral Fund or Golden Life, Legacy Life, State Insurance, AMI..... which one you you?

Let us compare three of the leading funeral covers NZ for you How do Cigna Funeral Plan AA, Funeral Plan and the Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan compare? 

Cigna Funeral Cover

  • Must currently be aged between 50 and 85 to purchase cover
  • Cover yourself for amounts ranging from $5000 to $30000
  • You pay premiums until claim time, regardless of age 

AA Funeral Plan

  • Must currently be aged between 50 and 79 to purchase cover
  • Cover yourself for amounts ranging from $5000 to $30000
  • You pay premiums until age 90, then cover continues free

Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan

  • Must currently be aged between 30 and 75 to purchase cover
  • Cover yourself for amounts ranging from $7500 to $25000
  • You pay premiums until age 85, then cover continues free

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Funeral Insurance Comparison NZ

Are funeral insurance and life insurance distinctly different insurance types?

Yes, although both funeral cover and life cover are paid out on the death of the customer the reasons for having these covers is typically different. A funeral plan is quite simple in that it is really designed to just cover the costs of a funeral (although you can take a bit more cover to clear other incidental debt) whereas life insurance is typically a more significant dollar amount cover to help your family clear debt (say a mortgage) or provide a lump sum cash benefit to the partner or children of the deceased so they are not financially disadvantaged after the passing.

You can have both covers or you may prefer one or the other. Life Insurance however is subject to your previous and current health so may not be available in all cases whereas funeral insurance is guaranteed acceptance with no health questions asked. Funeral cover premiums are fixed at the start of he cover so they do not rise as you age whereas life insurance premiums do rise each year (other than where you select a fixed premium for a certain period, typically to age 65 or 80).  

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