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Why Funeral Insurance?

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If you are struggling to find the right funeral cover NZ please let us help you. We have many options including all the lowest cost funeral plans.

The best funeral insurance for your circumstances can be a little difficult to decide on, at times, because there are so many options and it is hard for you to know about all the different covers.

We are experts and know everything there is to know about Funeral Insurance NZ. Let us help you to decide and then guide you through the application.

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In New Zealand there are many providers of funeral insurance, some are not so well known as there are a number of ‘niche’ insurers specialising in funeral covers.

Let us send you our easy to read 2 page funeral insurance comparison chart so you can compare up to 12 funeral plans such as Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Cover, Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan, State, AMI and numerous others.

We recommend you compare a number of funeral insurance options before you make your final decision on what is best for you. Our funeral cover comparison chart is the perfect place to start.

How can Funeral Insurance NZ help you?

Our service is all about providing you with comparative information so you can easily make an informed decision on which funeral cover is going to be best for you.

We will provide policy benefit comparison information, of funeral covers, NZ from the leading NZ funeral plans including Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Plan, Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan, Fidelity Life Funeral Fund / Golden Life, Partners Life, Legacy Life, State, AMI and others. We then provide a range of premium quotation to consider.

What is funeral insurance all about?

Funeral Insurance is designed to pay your nominated beneficiary a cash payment in order to meet your funeral expenses You can typically cover amounts ranging from $5000 to $30000.

Funeral Plans can generally be purchased by those currently aged 30 to 85 but the ranges differ from insurer to insurer. Funeral insurance has guaranteed acceptance and there are not health questions to be answered at the time you purchase the insurance, or anytime in the future.

Funeral Cover NZ premiums are fixed at the time you purchase the cover. Once the policy is in force the premiums do not increase year by year as you age. They are foxed for life. NB one or two insurers currently offer a promotional discount for the first 1 or 2 years which means those premiums revert to standard after that time.

Please compete our online enquiry form for quotes and comparative information.