3 2017 NOV

Funeral Insurance NZ - the real basics of funeral plans

Guaranteed acceptance if you are aged between 30 and 85, No medical questions asked of you now or in the future, Premiums are fixed at the time the policy is taken out, ie they do not increase as you age, Money paid directly to your nominated beneficiary within 48 hours of required evidence of death, Covers range between $3000 and $30000,
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20 2015 JUL

Wanting to financially protect a surviving spouse or dependants from large costs at the time of your passing is the main reason our customers decide t

Funeral costs are significant no matter what way you think about it. Even the most basic service can cause some financial difficulties for many families if they are not prepared for it. So, on top of the emotional stresses when a loved one passes there is the additional financial pressure. As people get older they do take time to reflect on the potential pressures this will bring and how to best cope with it.
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14 2015 JUL

Who gets paid the funeral insurance money when I pass away?

At the time you apply for your funeral insurance you will nominate who is to be paid when the time comes. This person will typically be your spouse, close family member or trusted friend. They will be the ones who are paid the sum insured so make sure they know about the insurance and have a copy on file.
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2 2015 JUL

Do funeral insurance premiums get paid indefinitely until the time you pass away or do some have an age where cover continues but for free?

There are many funeral insurance providers out there and the majority of them do have their premiums continue until claim time. So, if you live a great long life the total premiums paid can add up. Pinnacle Life, however, are one of the few exceptions as they have a policy benefit where you only pay until age 85 and then cover continues for free after that. AA have the same but at age 90.
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25 2015 JUN

What are some monthly premiums indications for funeral insurance?

A female non smoker aged 69 can pay as little as $46.69 per month when buying funeral insurance of $7500 right now. A husband and wife couple both aged 66, and non smokers, will pay $93.30 per month for $10000 cover each or $71.78 for $7500 cover each. Or for $5000 cover the premiums can be as low as $52.19 combined for the two of them
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18 2015 JUN

Funeral Insurance or Life Insurance for over 60's?

What is better, funeral insurance or life insurance once you get older? Is one easier than the other to apply for?, is anything else different? If you are currently aged 60 plus, and uninsured, the thoughts of how your funeral costs will be met do come to mind occasionally ....
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16 2015 MAR

What are the age entry points for buying funeral insurance in New Zealand?

There are a number of insurers who sell funeral plans in New Zealand. This includes some niche insurers who specialise in the area of funeral cover and maybe not some of the other covers like Life Insurance, Health Insurance or Trauma Insurance. Typically though funeral insurance is available to those aged 30 to 85.
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