AA Funeral Plan, Cigna Funeral Cover, Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan and others, who is best?

Posted on 24 January, 2018 at 4:45

AA Funeral Cover, Cigna Funeral Insurance and Pinnacle Life Funeral Plan plus numerous other funeral plans NZ are all worthy of consideration. There is no ‘best’ funeral insurance plan as such as the policies do differ from insurer to insurer and the premiums definitely can vary widely between the different funeral covers NZ. In some instances, for example, the same funeral plan that may be cheapest for a 74 year old male might not be best for a 55 year old female.

You need to review more than one funeral plan before you can determine what is best for you. Do not be tempted to buy the first funeral plan you see, even if it is big name brand. Some plans are also only available for certain ages, for example Cigna Funeral Plan provides cover for those aged 50 to 85 at the time of application whereas Pinnacle Life is age 30 to 75. Likewise the levels of cover vary, some offer from $5000 to $30000 whereas the next option mght only offer $7500 to $25000 or in the example of the Fidelity Life Funeral Fund they have a single option of $12000 cover only.

Other policy type differences also include the period of time the premiums are payable. Cigna Funeral Cover is paid until claim time ie you could be paying at age 95 if still around whereas with the Pinnacle Life funeral plan you stop paying at age 85 with cover continuing free thereafter and with the AA Funeral Plan they have the same benefit but with premiums ceasing at age 90. This is a very important factor is determining a good option as it can save you a lot of money if you have a long life-span.

Payment options also differ between insurers and this can also be a point of difference ie some people detest paying via a direct debit which is the favoured option of many big mainstream insurers but some of the smaller, niche insurers, may allow options such as payment by internet banking or automatic payment.

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