Do funeral insurance premiums get paid indefinitely until the time you pass away or do some have an age where cover continues but for free?

Posted on 17 December, 2017 at 19:15

There are many funeral insurance providers out there and the majority of them do have their premiums continue until claim time. So, if you live a great long life the total premiums paid can add up. Pinnacle Life, however, are one of the few exceptions as they have a policy benefit where you only pay until age 85 and then cover continues for free after that. AA have the same but at age 90.

This benefit is one of the best going around with funeral insurance. This ensures that you do not pay way more than the sum insured if you end up living to your late 80s or 90s. So, it is an ideal option for everyone but especially any one who is already in the 70s as they will have a very definite period of time to make payments which gives some peace of mind about the maximum cost you could ever incur (ie even if you live to 86 and beyond).

Ask us for quotes, we will be sure to include Pinnacle Life as one of the options for you. Compare them against any other insurers you have be considering.

Paul Woollame, Funeral Insurance Helpline