Ideal Funeral Insurance for those currently aged 50 – 75    (premiums are capped at age 85)

There is only one funeral insurance option you should be considering if you are currently aged 50 to 75. You should only look at options where premiums are capped at a reasonable age. We deal with an insurer that ceases your premiums when you reach 85 with cover continuing thereafter for free.

Please complete our enquiry form and we will email you full details including;

  • Monthly premiums for a range of cover amounts
  • Unique others such as a 1 month cashback and extra free death by accident cover while overseas
  • 24/7 after sales service provided in addition to anything the insurance company offers.

Acceptance is guaranteed if you meet age and residency qualifications. There are;

  • No blood tests, no medicals, no health questions
  • You can apply online with no other application paperwork required
  • Covers range from $10000 to $25000.

While funeral insurance is a popular concept there is one area where potential customers do raise genuine concern. And that is where you have a long life you could end up paying much more in premiums than you receive in a claim payout. This is true. So, the best way to limit the ‘over payment’ is to chose an insurer that caps your premiums at age 85. Compare this with insurers who cap at age 90 (or have no cap) instead, you would likely end up paying many $1000’s extra unnecessarily.

Contact us today (complete our form) for this excellent funeral cover option.

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