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Funeral Cover is guaranteed acceptance with no health questions asked, ever. Claims are paid promptly to your nominated beneficiary and you can chose cover amounts ranging from $5000 to $30000. If you are aged 16-85 you can buy funeral insurance!

A major benefit of funeral cover is that your premiums are fixed for life when the policy is taken out. They do not increase year on year as you age. You know up front what you will pay with no nasty surprises.

A real-life example of how funeral insurance can be so beneficial to you and your family

Okay. let me use myself as the test case. And yes I do already have funeral insurance. I am 55 years old, male, separated (and single) and a non smoker. I am in good health and particularly on my fathers side the men have enjoyed long healthy lives. I hope to be around for a while but who really knows? My mother died at age 43 and my ex wife from a short illness this year aged 54.

So why funeral insurance?. Although I have some money in the bank no-one but myself has access to it so if I die it will be tied up in probate, will settlement etc and may not be available to my adult children for at least 6 months. My kids, collectively, would not have enough money in their banks to pay even half my funeral costs.

My family would have to beg or borrow to pay for the funeral, that is something I would never forgive myself for. I could open up a bank account in a joint name with one of my kids so they could immediately access but I prefer to leave all my money aside so I manage as I need to in accordance with my lifestyle.

So, paying a reasonable monthly premium to an insurance company gives me peace of mind that my kids will never have to worry about how to pay to bury me. They can just go through the process but at least have no financial burdens weighing on their minds at the same time.

The number one reason people give us for buying funeral insurance is so a spouse or other family is not burdened with the, often, sudden costs.

Wanting to financially protect a surviving spouse or dependants from large costs at the time of your passing is the main reason our customers decide to buy funeral cover NZ

Funeral costs are significant no matter what way you think about it. Even the most basic service can cause some financial difficulties for many families if they are not prepared for it. So, on top of the emotional stresses when a loved one passes there is the additional financial pressure. As people get older they do take time to reflect on the potential pressures this will bring and how to best cope with it.

It is admirable that people take the time to think about how the costs of their funeral will be met. Time and time again our customers tell us they do not want their dependants to worry about these costs. Often they also know that the family would struggle to pay for everything.

Funeral Insurance is an ideal way to remove the worries as you can be sure the claim proceeds will handle everything for you. All going well the premiums will be affordable is cover if purchased at the right age. But we also find that often family members assist their parents by paying all or some of the insurance premiums. Probably around a third of all covers we arrange have family support to pay the premiums which is a great way to support their parents who might struggle to meet those commitments by themselves.

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