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Funeral Insurance NZ – what’s is all about ? who can get it and what cover can I get?

Funeral Insurance is designed to provide your nominated beneficiary with a cash lump sum so your funeral expenses can be met without delay. You can then rest assured that your family are not left with the financial pressures of the funeral on top of everything else. Funeral Cover NZ is guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions asked.

If you are currently aged between 30 and 85 there is a funeral cover available for you. You can choose cover amounts between $3000 and $30000. The various insurers have different age entry points and different sum insured options so you may need to compare various insurer to get the cover you require.

As acceptance is guaranteed it is easy to obtain. It is really as simple as if you want cover you can have it. You just need to select a cover amount and premium that you are happy to pay. You can apply online for many of the funeral plans or else it is a simple 1-2 page paper application form.

The cover amount typically taken varies depending on customer requirements. We find that about 80% of all policies our customers take are for covers of $7500 – $10000. As the claim is paid as a cash sum your beneficiary can use for whatever purpose you have agreed. Some customers take a higher level of cover if they think they may have to clear extra debt and some use to help family members who may have to travel from within NZ or overseas.

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