Funeral Insurance – Compare 10 top funeral covers

We will send you quotes from up to 5 funeral covers in one easy to read email now. We will advise who is the cheapest and detail any unique benefits. We operate virtually 24/7!!

We also currently have a special offer with a low cost insurer where you also get 4 months cashback and no premiums after age 85. We will email you details of this unique offer when you complete our enquiry form if you are eligible. 

Funeral Insurance is designed to pay a lump sum to help your spouse or family pay for your funeral expenses. Premiums are fixed for life and acceptance is guaranteed with no health questions asked.

Please complete the enquiry form so we can promptly send you a comparison chart highlighting the differences in benefits between many of the top funeral covers such as Cigna Funeral Insurance, AA Funeral Plan, Pinnacle Life, State, AMI, Partners Life and others.

We will also email a range of quotes from leading insurers so you can compare and save.

Key points to Funeral Insurance in New Zealand

  • Typically you need to be aged between 30 and 85 to buy funeral insurance
  • Funeral Cover sum insureds range from $5000 to $30000
  • Acceptance is guaranteed, there are no health questions asked at any time
  • Funeral Cover premiums are fixed for life, no age related yearly increases
  • You nominate your beneficiary at the time you take out the funeral plan
  • Claims are usually paid within 48 hours of all proof of passing is received by the insurer

Funeral Insurance NZ (also known as funeral cover NZ, funeral plans NZ) is not an insurance type as common, or as well understood as life insurance, car insurance etc. But it is becoming more and more sought after as people start to realise what a straightforward insurance it is and how necessary the benefit is.

We tend to recommend, where possible, funeral insurance covers where there is some cut off age for premiums ie there are options where you pay to age 85 and then cover continues for free thereafter. These covers help to lessen the odds of paying too much more in premiums than the sum insured. We will advise details of such plans when we email comparative information and quotes.

People often do not realise that funeral insurance in New Zealand is guaranteed acceptance with no pesky health questions and that the premiums are also fixed at the time the policy starts so you never have to worry about future premium increases.

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