Funeral Insurance – Compare leading NZ funeral plans and lowest premium options with our prompt free service

insuranceOur objective is to help you find an affordable funeral plan that has a cap on premiums, or how long you pay, as that is the biggest concern to buyers of funeral cover right now. Avoid policies where you pay to age 90 or beyond. Let us help to limit the total amount of funeral insurance premiums you will ever pay.

We will provide comparative information from numerous insurers

We will immediately email you comparative funeral cover policy information from leading NZ funeral insurers including Cigna Life, AA Life, Seniors NZ, Pinnacle Life, AMI Life, Partners Life, Fidelity Life and others. All summarised, easy to read and in one place.

Rising funeral costs 

It is also reported recently that funeral costs have been rising considerably and are still trending up. So, a minimum funeral cover level of $10000 is now a sensible number to ensure that you have the sufficient cover in the future.

Here is how we can help you today – free and no obligation

We will provide a range of insurer premium options and cover levels to consider plus any cashback offers, available through us.

We will present all options in an easy to read email within a hour or two.We operate all day and late at night so please complete the online enquiry form now.

There are no medicals or blood tests required and acceptance is guaranteed as long as you reside in NZ and are a citizen or resident of NZ.

Please complete the enquiry form so we can promptly send you the  comparison chart plus the details of the lowest premiums. 

Key points to Funeral Insurance in New Zealand

  • We currently have funeral insurance options for those currently aged 50 to 75
  • Choose from $10000 cover up to $25000
  • Acceptance is guaranteed, there are no health questions asked at any time
  • Funeral Cover premiums are fixed for life, no age related yearly increases
  • You nominate your beneficiary at the time you take out the funeral plan
  • Claims are usually paid within 48 hours of all proof of passing is received by the insurer

If you are currently aged 50 to 75, requiring $10000+ cover, please complete our no obligation enquiry form below.

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