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insuranceWe are Funeral Insurance experts. Our knowledge of all available NZ funeral cover  options is unsurpassed. Use of expertise to help you find the best possible funeral cover for your personal requirements.

Within just a few hours we will;

  • Share policy benefits of 10+ leading insurers including details of who caps premiums at age 85 (then free)
  • Provide quotes from at least 4 major insurers to compare (for a range of cover levels)
  • Detail current special offers (for example one leading low cost funeral cover currently comes with a 25% cashback of all premiums paid after 12 months)

Please let us guide you to find ideal cover (cost & benefits) so that shortly after your passing, your named person will receive a cash sum (up to $25000) to use for any purpose.

For full quotes and information please complete our main enquiry form. But if, first, you have a quick question please ask here and we will reply within a couple of hours


Use the money for funeral expenses, travel expenses or for any small debt. Acceptance is guaranteed with premiums that are fixed for life. Some of the funeral plans we can source are even free after age 85.

Please allow us an hour or two while we confidentially source the lowest quotes and best cover. We will provide all details, including brochures and application details in one easy to read email. We are a free service open 7 days until late.

So, please complete the enquiry form so we can promptly send you comparative information from many leading NZ insurers plus details of the lowest premiums and special offers. 

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